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About Teleclal group

Teleclal Business Group, active since 1992, is a holding company with 7 companies, employing approximately 1,500 employees,
And provides an overall solution under one roof in a variety of fields:

    • Teleclal Contact Center – Is one of the leading, most experienced companies in operating external telephone call centers in the fields of costumer service, marketing and selling products and services, telemarketing, technical support, data improvement, promotion of candidates in elections, payments and fundraising, fixing appointments and more.
    • BUYME– Israel’s largest digital gift voucher platform. The unique platform includes a range of innovative solutions for organizations and companies, alongside a website which allows private costumers to purchase digital gift cards.
    • The Mountain Moving Company – Planning and managing sales promotion services in the marketing and sales field,frontally or by the telephone. The Mountain Moving Company has been operating within Teleclal for more than a decade.
    • Telemesser – Specializes in the development of services and products on the cellular and internet platform. The company provides MMS and SMS services, voice systems, electronic mailing systems, cellular internet, provision of infrastructures for cellular content management, development of cellular applications and more.
    • Jobit – Joined the group in 2018 and aims in helping young people, ages 20 to 35, in finding work and building a successful career. Jobit specializes in the millennium generation, providing companies with information, which helps to adapt the companies to the employment of young people in the new world.
    • Meetchabrim – Is a new placement venture aimed at finding employment solutions for Orthodox candidates. The project will provide comprehensive service and support for theOrthodox population – from the interview stage to the integration in the workplace.
    • TechBuddy – a service that provides an on-demand tech expert at your convenience and at your location.

Teleclal Business Group offers its costumers a full, comprehensive solution for all marketing requirements of the business, in full compliance with business’s requirements, by providing a professional and high quality service.

Our customers include