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BUYME is Israel’s leading and largest gifting platform. BUYME belongs to “Teleclal” holding company, which comprises 6 daughter companies and approximately 1,500 employees.

The platform allows a unique and innovative way of sending gifts and experiences digitally, with a personal touch, and an ability to schedule the delivery in advance via SMS and EMail.

Since its founding in 2012 BUYME has become a well-known brand in the E-gifting world. The company partners with over 1,200 businesses and brands, and over 5,000 companies and organizations in Israel use the platform to gift their employees on holidays, as bonuses, birthdays, excellence awards and more. The company’s B2B activity has led to over one million employees in the Israeli market enjoying the gifts and experiences offered on BUYME’s platform (about a third of the Israeli workforce).

BUYME’s partners (the businesses and brands where gifts can be enjoyed) are from of a wide variety of categories which are consistently updated with new and exciting gifts and experiences, such as: culinary and restaurants, styling and fashion, sports and extreme, vacations and spas, unique workshops, culture and plays, etc.  

Purchasing a digital gift through BUYME is done in a secure way, while complying with that harshest standards of information security and data privacy.

The company is based in Tel-Aviv and has about 80 employees. 

Our Services

פיצוי שימור

Compensation and retention systems for organizations

The largest communication and service companies in the country compensate thousands of customers each month using BuyMe's digital compensation and retention system. Agents enjoy a simple system for easy, quick sending and customers enjoy a gift voucher for the compensation due that is sent directly to their mobile or quickly to their email address.

מתנות לעובדים

Gifts for employees

BUYME provides a corporate happiness management system that offers digital solutions for organizations, tailored to the budget and for its purpose, giving gifts to employees: birthdays, incentives, holiday gifts, birthday gifts, recognition and more. Smart and personalized birthdays management systems in the organization: automatic sending by dates, advising managers on birthdays and budget management.

פעילויות שיווק דיגיטליות

Digital marketing activities

Development and setup of digital platforms for marketing activities, such as - gathering of data and leads digitally, encouraging registration for a distribution list, giving a benefit coupon to customers digitally (by email or text message) with a connection to thousands of sales outlets at hundreds of chains and brands

פעילות צוותית

Team activity

The first digital product of its kind in Israel for ordering, organizing and coordinating team activities. The new product, called "Team Activity," is intended to be an essential tool for team leaders and well-being managers, who invest great efforts in raising employee satisfaction from their workplace. The product Presents to welfare managers and staff in the companies precise team activities which suits their taste and to the number of group members, meet a set budget, and no less important - availability on the requested date

Our customers include